Took a few months away to get my life back in order....AGAIN. And surprise, came back to a game where I somehow don't remember collecting half the things I have lol Anyways, this layout is still a work in progress. I just want to thank Serpentine for the beautiful layout!!!

I'm a 20-something year old trying to figure out what to do with her life. Kind of snarky with a short fuse, but sometimes to nice for my own good. My roommate and I raise competitive, show quality rabbits (Rex, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf and Holland Lops) as well as purebred Abyssinian and Turkish Van cats. We volunteer locally with the 4H/FFA programs as well as national livestock shows.

The song I currently live by:

Fade In/Fade Out by Nothing More.

My current life motto:

Be a better person today than you were yesterday, the week before or even the month before that. Be kind and pay it forward. 
Contrary to what this age may say, I'm not new to this game. I had almost 1000 days on my previous account, but life got in the way and I let it go. Now that things aren't so hectic, I need a hobby so decided to give this game another go. Currently working with crossbreed skillers and Prix skillers. I really want to win one of those fancy competitions. 

Always buying the following BMI:

Apollo's Lyre
Chronos' Timer
Artemis' Arrow

PM me for pricing.

I also sell skiller foals on occasion from my crossbreed line. These horses generally are meant for the rankings or as comp horses. See my sales for any extras. These horses are always Teared and it says so in their names. 

Building up my AP farm. Buying any horse for 3,000e or less. Preferably in bulk but will take what I can get. If you need fast cash, just reserve them and drop me a note.