•Welcome to my page, have a great day!•

Hey, my name's Trinity, as you may have gathered from my username.
My avatar is a picture of my beloved cat, Abby. 

Things About Me
Age - 17
Birthday - September 9th
Favorite books - The Market of Monsters series by Rebecca Schaeffer
WEBTOONs I'm reading - LUFF, True Beauty, Let's Play, Not Even Bones
Favorite movies - How To Train Your Dragon, Rodrick Rules, Tangled
Favorite food - Anything Italian
Hobbies - Needle felting 

About My Game
Right now I am working on my NIB project and am about to start some sort of donkey and/or unicorn breeding on the side to keep myself interested. I'm also keeping an eye on my equestrian center to reach the goals stated in its presentation. 

PMs and Other
I don't accept random friend requests, just a heads up! Please don't PM me asking to accept your request either. Any rude and/or inappropriate PMs from players will be blacklisted. On the other hand, I am open to conversation and meeting new people.