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eve // 24 // scotland // she/her // lgbtq+
if you congratulate me, i will try to congratulate back. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW IS HAVING A BARN OR  QUITTING SALE. i will buy most unwanted horses, usually coats i don't have. i am also happy to make use of horses and items if you're quitting; everything will have a good home on my account. please read on to see my guidelines, horses i'm collecting, rules for coverings & unicorn breeding, and more about me!


anyone can add me as a friend or message me, but remember i am an adult player.if you're offering to buy my horses or negotiate the price of one, make it a reasonable offer!


happy to have my stallions offer a covering to you; i charge between 500e and 2000e, except in the case of donkeys/drafts.


currently looking to purchase the following breeds with coats i do not yet have, preferably at 9,000+ GP:

connemarashighland poniesicelandic horsesirish huntersknabstruppersmorgansquarter poniesshetlands


horses with animal, devine, ghost, or dragon companionsgolden apple and retired golden apple coatsfifth element coat in metalgemstone horses diamond and gypsumsolar system horses sun and moondivine wind horse aeolusmagic hat coat shamanbook of monsters coat newthorses that have recent rosette and/or grand prix wins

so, hi! i used to have a howrse account starting in 2012 as HighForGrande but it was deleted due to inactivity. i've never had a horse in real life, though i hope to some day. i rode horses for ten years though, and i adored all of them: dream, whiskey, topaz, mickey, minnie, dillon, fancy, tigger, velvet, teddy, simba, and a donkey named josie. i helped break in minnie so she holds a special place in my heart. i've also owned six cats: major tom, mog, tiger joey, safi, brodie, and nasa.

i used to be in the 2000s for general ranking on my old game so i'd like to best that. 

as of 18/9/2020, EC is 95th in popularity of classical riding. 

26/11/2020 - 4,450th in general ranking.

25/10/2020 - 167th in popularity.

22/10/2020 - black rose stables 62nd in overall popularity and 44th in classical popularity. 

26/10/2020 - 95th for competitions won.

september 2020, won runner-up in asraya's giveaway. thank-you!

i enjoy reading, writing, roleplaying, television (friends, nashville, grey's anatomy, avatar: the last airbender, criminal minds, westworld, wild at heart, timeless, and more!), and following my fave bands on tour (all time low, the maine, paramore, the front bottoms, the 1975, ariana grande, avril lavigne, gorgeous war, beach weather, and halsey, to name a few!).

all of my horses are named after television show characters or songs.

if you're a roleplayer, i do bandom roleplay! message me if you wanna know who i play. you can also message me for my tumblr account.

feel free to message me, add me as a friend, or anything else you wish. have a great day! Xo