Please don't use this layout or any banners on my page without my permission. I NEED SOMEONE TO HELP ME CODE LAYOUTS TOO PLS HELP. Many years ago, I played Howrse under the username 'krdoufan' with almost 1,000 days of seniority and the account was deleted because of inactivity. If   you by any chance recognize the user, and have interacted with me in the past, PM me! I Love to RP, so if you are interested in starting one, also PM me--Im open for anything just as long as it follows Howrse's rules! Also, if you're bored and want a conversation, please PM me--Im always bored and am looking for friends! (first to message me with the exact number of times I say to 'PM me' in my presentation wins a BMI haha) Just please don't beg me  for horses, items, or a place in my EC. I will report you. 
Malani Elephant Fighters                An officially unofficial purebred Marwari team  I am a part of with my sister, hayhaydotdot. It's mostly for fun, but we're trying to bring some quality Marwaris to the site! (hopefully omg)                    Dovakiin                              Purebred Mustangs bred by me--mostly for fun!                                    Uni Fails                                           Horses that desperately wanted to be a Uni, but didn't quite make it! Will sell any horse under this affix for 3,000e                                                                                         Stallion Coverings                             Fox Tail  1,500 e                      Winged  Riding Horse                     Selle Français/Thoroughbred Xbred                                                Broken Desires 3,500e          Winged Uni                           Purebred Mustang
Hello, you may call me Kat :) I am a 19 year old College student, majoring in Graphic Design, and am living in the United States (quite dreadfully at the moment).  IN REAL LIFE IM VERY  QUIET AND HAVE NO FRIENDS, SO ID LOVE TO BE YOUR FRIEND. I listen to a wide variety of musical artists, ranging from Five Finger Death Punch, to Ke$ha, and to Chance the Rapper <3--so basically anything but country music haha! All of my life I've  had a passion for horses, and when I was younger I used to ride competitively in Reining, Western Pleasure, and Halter (and I was pretty darn good too!!). My first horse, Sheza, retired out, and my second, Mark, ended up becoming lame and uncompetitive, plus I live in the city, so I had to leave that life behind. Now I just trail   ride with both horses when I get the chance to see them. Other than that, my favorite color is blue, I love weird trips art, Chance the Rapper, Fennec Foxes, and just chilling with my dogo Charlie! I'm always up for making new friends, so shoot me a PM! Theres a pretty good chance that I wanted to message you, but social anxiety yanno         Anyways, heres a picture of me so ya'll know what I look like%28y%29.png Happy Howrsing!                                                                                        5ga1Gl8.jpg                                                             



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