8/9 so broke
about me
Hey there! I'm just an average girl that can be awkward most of the time. I'm from Ohio (EST) and love dogs, especially goldens in case you couldn't tell ;)

I don't ride in real life or anything like that..my sister got me started on this game.
my game
My original account was from 2015 but I deleted it for some reason and had to restart. 
I'm breeding donkeys, purebred Spanish horses, shetlands, and fjord unicorns. I have a lot of side projects as well, including shire unicorns. Right now I'm working on collecting trophies. 
I also have a huge collection of horses with the Stagecoach bonus. This may be an unrealistic goal but one day I'd like to have 1,000! Currently need 256 more (I can take any off your hands for 10k or less; paying bunches more for the cremello ones).
-None of my horses are for sale unless stated otherwise
 -I try to return all congrats
-I may or may not accept your friend request 
-Thanks for reading my page and happy Howrsing! Stay safe <3

P.S. I'm looking for any RCs by Sora. Let me know.

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