I am Peaceolives, I have horses on howrse and unicorns too, well actually I do not have unicorns on this acount I only have them on my american acount so I guess I should say that I have american unicorns instead, but wait, the unicorns could have been born in a different country so even if they live on american howrse they would not be american unicorns they would be what ever they are from unicorns, but arn't the unicorns on howrse computer generated, So do maybe you call them computer unicorns, or fake unicorns, wait that would be mean to call them fake, What if you were called fake just because you were on a computer and had no feelings at all wouldn't that make you sad? Wait again, if you have no feelings then how can be offended by being called fake? Maybe they do have feelings, wait, but if they had feelings then they have thoughts and if they can think and there are sooooo many of them and their are inside your computer couldn't they somehow take over the world and make humans their slaves, or maybe trap us in the computer to take our places in the real world?! Wait again, If they took over the world there would not be enough food to feed all those horses and if there was how could they find it? Would they bring the food from howrse with them to the real world? And if they.........................

I have had multiple howrse accounts over the years and love the game! I have two cats, 4 rats, and a dog! feel free to send me a pm, I don't bite! I love animals and love to talk about them!
If you have any questions about howrse, please feel free to ask me!

Most importentish things you should know:
1. I am currently focusing on breeding high Gp horses.
2. I accept all friend requests.
3. I will congratulate as many people back as I can!