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Break the ranking of Breed a uni mare with a GP of:  Equus
 -  10,000 7700  -   1,000,000
 -  9,000 7900 -   2,000,000

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my breeding about me
I started out with Connemaras, so they are a big focus of mine, and are under my affix "Claire's Connemaras." I have also been working on breeding unis from my uni mares. My male unis are both often available for coverings too. I mainly focus on Arabian unis and they are under my affix "of Secret Things." I also breed Curly unis that all come from my foundation uni that I won named Coda. All of her descendants are under the affix "Coda's Curlies." I am a huge animal lover in real life! I used to have 29 pets of my own, but I recently moved into a larger city. Right now I have two cats, two birds, several fish, and I will hopefully soon be adopting a dog! I one day hope to run an animal sanctuary and give a place to stay to any type of animal that comes along. Along with my plans for a sanctuary, I also would like to go into health science, because I enjoy biology and would like to help people. Something you may notice about my horses is that they are often named after musical terms or songs. I am a huge music lover and I play violin and guitar, so it is quite fun to incorporate that into my game.

Selling Buying
I sell all horses except the golden apple horses. Also, I will not reserve any horses for less than 3,500e. If I am to sell any of my unis, then it will likely be for at least one pass. I buy any horse for 2,800e, you can just reserve and message me. No promises on what I will do with them though. I buy purebred females of any GP and breed for 3,200e, and those I will likely keep and possibly breed. I might get more picky in the future though.
I constantly am wanting p. stones. My BMIs vary too much to really list here, so if you're willing to trade for a reasonable price I am open to that!

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