I must go down to the sea again! For it is a wild and clear call that cannot be denied!  Sea Fever by
John Masefield

Hello, I'm Gandalf.  I am a adult  female player . I  have also finally updated my page I hope you like it.  I have a soft spot for black horses so couldn't resist!

Yes! Complete All Breed Trophy coat!

Have Unicorn All Breed trophy!


Coats And Unusual Stuff that I will buy at reasonable prices.

Falabellas except Liten 

The Original Wandering Horse Coats Barring Patience (I Have Her.)

All the other divines

These  are BMI's I usually need

Philosopher Stone  For trophy horses

Pandoras Box

Black Orchid

So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they 

seem improbable, and then when we summon the will they soon become inevitable.  Christopher Reeve

 "It is only with the heart that one can  see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye."  The fox's  advice to the  little prince .  The Little Prince  by Antione Saint De Exubery

"I think you should let that horse stay wild. It's his soul."  Tony the Huckster's advice to Alec Ramsey from the Black Stallion

 Animals are fairly honest about their likes and dislikes. Loyalty and love is earned and once given it's never broken. They will give you everything and wait for you patiently to return even if it takes a long time. And when you are reunited at last  joy reigns.  Anonymous

Goals for game: To breed and train high quality horses and ponies.

To one day have all the divines and wild and special horses without busting the bank.

Win a Grand Prix

Collect all the Pets listed without breaking the bank

Animal pets looking for at Reasonable Prices

Uncommon Category Sheep

Rare Category





Very Rare Category Camel

    Ghosts 1-3

Dragons 1-4

Ultra Rare Bee




 Will trade for a  werehorse!


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