I've taken on a second job so I will be online even less. 25376ca9c38f23811c401c64339ffa93.png

I would like to apologize for my absence on most days of the week. I mostly just login (nearly) once per day to return congratulations and take care of my unicorns. On days that I'm available I do try to spend more time catching up with things I neglected to take care of (unworked horses, equestrian center, buying/selling horses and BMIs). I've been extremely busy with my life and my job, leaving about 2 hours a day to manage my account on each server that I play (US, AU, CA, UK, INT., CZ). My main is US so I spend about an hour and a half there and then proceed to rush thru taking care of the rest... It may take some time, but I will always reply to my messages when I can.

Currently playing: Howrse and SAO: Fatal Bullet

Its not my intention to be rude or mean to anyone.. if I ever seem so.. please forgive me and as well as inform me so that I may avoid future mistakes

If you find this hidden message, PM me for a free BMI.



Hi there! My name's Etta, but I love to be called Kanny or one of my other nicknames ;o. I'm a 22 year old, who is an anime lover and gamer. I love reading manga and comics also. I love most music and am open to hearing new things. I love learning about different cultures and religions, and I'm currently learning Japanese. One day I hope to visit some other countries. Some I wish to visit are: Japan, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, India, and Pakistan. I have a dog named Gabby, who is an absolutely adorable medium sized mutt. She has a very friendly and HYPER!!! personality, heehee. I also have a teddy bear who is very, very dear to me. Her name is Sophia and I've had her since I was like 6 years old! I'm on Facebook, if you'd like to chat, message me on here and I'll add you when I can; I tend to reply to my messages less on here than Facebook. I am a friendly person and love to chat, but I can be pretty busy at times. I've also been more picky about who I talk to... If you do something that makes me too uncomfortable, I'll most likely block you; other than that I'm pretty open. I also love to write, but I don't share my stories much anymore. If you play on another server of Howrse and would like to add me as a friend, I use the same username for all of my accounts. US server is my main, so you'll probably find me there more often.

About me

Nicknames: Kana/Kanny/Romnas ; Gender: Female ; Currently living in: Shirley, NY, USA ; Place of birth: San Bernardino, CA, USA ; Other places lived in: Livingston, TX, USA ; Birthday: August 14, 1995 ; Favorite color: Blue ; Favorite song artist: Porter Robinson ; Favorite song: I Fall Apart - Post Malone ; Favorite season: Winter ; Favorite animes: Clannad After Story, Beyond the Boundary, Ano Hana, Erased, Claymore, Onegai Teacher ; Favorite food: Sushi, seafood ; Favorite animal: Bear ; Favorite holiday: Halloween ; Online games currently playing: League of Legends (servers: NA, EU W, EU N&E), Neopets, Howrse (servers: US, CA, UK, AU, International) *if you would like to know IGNs, feel free message me and ask

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