I have played before. Just call me Jules!

I would love to do an RPG so just take a look at the topic in my forum! (I'm pretty flexible with what I'm into).

My game:
Primarily, I breed Arabians, but it's really not a big concern of mine.
I try to fully BLUP all of my horses, regardless of GP.
I am trying to collect trophies as well, but I'd prefer to use the horses instead of just have them lying idle.
Thanks to the Celtic cards promotion, I was able to start out rather wealthy and have since spent that money on my EC and horses.

About me:
 I am between the ages of 13-18 and am an honors student. I live in the United States in a house with a family. I am a girl. 
My interests tend to vary depending on my season and mood, but there are a few hobbies that I've stuck with. I am in color guard and I absolutely LOVE it! When warmer weather comes, I like to go geocaching. Theater and makeup are a year round love. Once I gain more confidence, I may post some of my looks! I have a very sincere love for reading and writing; especially fantasy. I also belong to quite a few fandoms such as:
Black Butler
Chaos Walking
Star Wars
And many more!

I've also dealt with many personal issues in the past couple of years which have shaped my personality. Please know that if you ever need to rant or talk something out, I am always available!