.Hey! I'm Bay-lii A 16 year old they/them who lives in America who has a dream of either being a teacher or going into the army. I've been playing off and on since the end of 2019 because of online schooling and have been stressed since.

Facts About ME!!:

I have bad vision
I accept friend requests and am open to PMs as long as you respect me in PMs.
I hate political topics and will not voice my opinions on it in PMs if they are asked
I like music videos, lotr(NEVER READ  THE BOOKS OR SEEN THE MOVIES BUT HAVE SEEN CLIPS AND AM INTERESTED ON WATCHING AND READING XD), horses, video games, reading and chatting online with my online friends, and etc.
I hate science, English, math, and basically anything that doesn't involve history or art.
I collect a.lot of horses on here and intend on keeping them.


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