Welcome to my profile!  

One...I am not new around here.

Two...I am an adult player. I will accept any friend requests, but for those of you who are under the age of 18 yrs. Be advised that I am an adult.
Three...I'm a writer, and have been an RPer for over fifteen years. I also have been working on a few stories myself.
Four...I do follow the Pagan Druidism Religion. Please do not judge me for who I am. I am a Proud Pagan.



Info on Sales: Please read the immediate paragraph. 

If you're seeking to purchase a horse from me, please proceed to my 'SALES YARD' tab. ONLY these are for sale. Please do not ask for any that are not already set for sale. If they're already up for sale, I will not reserve them for you. They are first come first serve. Also, no my prices are NOT negotiable. Please do not ask!

Loads of horses newly added to the Sales Yard!

Check it out!

Stable relationships are for horses.