Hello everyone! Thanks for visiting my page!
My Goal:674 horses, each with a different breed and coat color

I have just recently started a new breeding operation titled Mystic Trail.
 I will be breeding Tennessee Walker Unicorns in addition to my other project titled Rough Terrain. 
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 



 Arabian       KWPN       Curly       Chincoteague       Thoroughbred       Paint       Purebred Spanish Horse   
 Knabstrupper       Highland       Akhal-Teke       Appaloosa       Argentinean Criollo       Barb      Australian 
Brumby       Canadian Horse       Connemara       Donkey       Drum       Fjord       Gypsy Vanner       Hackeny 
 Haflinger       Friesian       Holsteiner       Icelandic       Irish Hunter       Hanoverian       Lipizzan     
Lustanio       Marwari       Morgan       Mustang       Newfoundland       Nokota      Percheron     Peruvian Paso
 Quarter Horse       Quarter Pony       Russian Don Horse       Selle Français       Shagya Arabian       Shetland 
Shire       Standardbred       Tennessee Walker       Trakehner       Welsh       Kerry Bog 

TOP SKILLS FOR EACH BREED (in order from highest to lowest)

Arabian   Thoroughbred    Gypsy Vanner     KWPN       Paint     Quarter Horse  Marwari     Friesian    Appaloosa
Stamina      Gallop         Stamina       Dressage    Speed        Gallop       Gallop      Dressage     Speed
Dressage     Speed          Dressage      Jumping    Dressage     Dressage      Stamina      Trot        Gallop
Jumping     Dressage        Jumping        Speed      Gallop       Speed        Speed       Stamina     Dressage

Lusitano    Mustang    Purebred Spanish   Hanoverian  Shetland   Australian Irish Hunter Standardbred Chincoteague
Dressage    Speed          Speed           Jumping    Jumping     Jumping    Dressage        Trot        Speed
 Trot       Stamina       Dressage          Speed      Speed       Speed      Stamina        Speed       Gallop
Gallop Gallop Gallop Gallop Dressage Dressage Gallop Stamina Dressage

Knabstrupper  Donkey        Fjord       Newfoundland   Connemara   Canadian    Nokota      Peruvian Paso    Curly
 Dressage     Stamina       Speed         Jumping       Stamina    Stamina     Dressage        Trot        Stamina
  Trot        Jumping      Stamina         Speed        Dressage   Dressage     Trot          Speed         Trot
 Jumping      Dressage     Dressage       Gallop        Jumping    Jumping     Jumping       Dressage       Speed

Welsh  Argentinean Criollo  Akhal-Teke Tennessee Walker  Hackney   Brumby     Shagya        Lipizzan  Quarter Pony
Gallop      Stamina         Stamina         Trot          Trot     Speed      Stamina       Dressage    Stamina
Dressage    Dressage        Dressage      Stamina        Stamina   Stamina    Dressage       Gallop     Dressage
Speed        Speed          Jumping       Dressage       Dressage  Jumping    Jumping        Stamin      Speed

Trakehner   Percheron       Morgan       Icelandic     Holsteiner  Selle Français  Russian Don  Shire      Barb
Gallop        Speed        Dressage       Stamina        Jumping     Jumping        Jumping    Stamina    Stamina
Jumping      Stamina       Jumping        Dressage       Gallop      Speed          Stamina    Dressage   Dressage
Stamina      Jumping        Speed          Trot          Dressage   Dressage        Dressage    Trot      Jumping

Highland    Haflinger      Drum
Stamina     Stamina       Dressage
Speed       Dressage       Trot
Jumping     Gallop        Stamina

Wanted GA Coats

Under Construction 

100245550-miniature.png Terre Oubilee                                100230271-miniature.png Кермиэ					100225243-miniature.png Fireflight