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Looking for an AP farmer - pm me for details.

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×Buying - Z.Bolts 130k
I have been around on Howrse since about 2008 under several different accounts that have since been deleted due to inactivity. 
I'm currently looking for a breed to focus on, and I think I'm liking GSH the most right now. I used to run Rathbone Royals which at the time was the #1 PSH team on the server. That team had disbanded and the RR line had been used to create Aftermath. I am so proud of the ladies running that team and kept the line going <3 I unfortunately have lost my love for the breed. 

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Hello welcome to my page! I am currently located in Cali, looking to move across the country. I work full-time, take care of a 25yo cat, and am going to be getting married to the love of my life soon. I'm a little busy as of late, but I would love to chat! Don't be scared to PM me - I'm into horses, cats, and videogames.
×× PM Rules ××
× Please use proper English when contacting me
× I am not interested in joining your team or VIP filling at this time
× I do not accept random friend requests 
× Do not contact me requesting to buy a horse - if it is for sale, it will be in the sales
× I use autocomp - if I am unintentionally stomping you, please send me a friendly message so I can switch to manual
× Since I am an adult player, get parent permission to chat if you are under 18yo