sunset-horse-love-1920x1200.jpgWelcome to my page!
My names karson, and im 19 years old.

1 Tennessee Walking Horse, 3 Quarter Horses, 3 Ponies & 2 Sicilian Donkies

I've trained everything on my own! (:

I barrel race, pole bend, goat tie, chuckwagon race & more!

I've played howrse before when I was younger but recently got back in the game.

If you like my game congratulate me!!!

Also everyone is welcome to add me as a friend (:

Feel free to message me with any questions !

And don't forget to check out my horses for sale!

Pre-order a Performance Quarter Pony today!!!!!
My mares throw the best Quarter Ponies so I'm taking in 3 orders for their next babies! 
Price depends on the mare you chose! (: