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Hey there. I've been on Howrse for over 7 years on different servers. I've worked with many breeds and many teams and if you need help with your game or your team, feel free to shoot me a message.
Hσllσωεd Xεиιтн
Hσllσωεd Xεиιтн was originally founded by Bextackbox and I several years ago. We are proud to be the #1 Percheron team on the International server! We are a laid-back group that would love to have more dedicated members. Message me or EmeraldArabian with your application to be considered.
Sales Releases, Etc.
Xεиιтн sales release with covers: 11600 (450 passes)
Xεиιтн public covers release: 11200 (7500e)
Selling 30yo+ horses in bulk for 15 passes each; PM for details