Welcome to my page! 

About me: 
I am 32 years old women from Russia. My name is Natalia.
Меня зовут Наталья, мне 32 года, живу в России.

About game:
In the game I am collect a Harlequins, Falabellas, breed horses and donkeys, meet new friends.
I can sell any of my horse (PM me). I am not sell Divines and immortal horses.
My stallion offer a coverings. I can reserve covering for your mare.
I can delete my affix if it is it will need.
If you had a deal with me then write about it in my forum, please.
Обожаю Арлекинов и фалек, они бесполезные, но красивые создания (как и я). Развожу осликов, периодически качаю конях крутых, покупаю ЧР за экю или обмен или еще как-то.

I am need a Nyx Packs, Philosopher's Stones, Poseidon's Packs. 
I can buy it for equus or passes and trade it for my horses.

I can write with mistakes because I finished a school in 2007 and at present time spelling rules could change.

This is my photo :)
It is me.