this link takes you to a page to load a random xanthos which is supposed to increase your odds of winning a HoP. good luck

Looking for more foundies (horses who's parents are Gaia and Ouranos). if you have one that you are looking to sell DM me if it is of a reasonable price or especially if it is an old one with 350 gp

my avatar is me. if you wanna steal it you can cause i really couldn't care less if you wanna do that0bcb59b20b3d6ca052d914412ddf00ab.png.

if a horse is for sale chances are the price is flexible

i don't generally (like EVER) sell a horse unless it is a horse i bred or bought with the intent to sell or resell but feel free to offer on my horses if you want to

placed in the top 100 of the grand prix at 99th with 1012 on august 2nd 2017%3C%3Ao%29.png

placed at #99 again with ChargeOn on march 28 2018

placed 41st in # of rosette wins on august 10th 2017(won 157)

interesting factoid there seem to be 588 horse teams as of july 18 2017

proud owner of 1 of the 13 donkeys who have won atleast 1 rosette

on the Canadian server under the same username (though international is where my heart and time are)
21 (years old%3Ap_v1828806360.png) OR if you prefer........for the first 6 months my age is always the same as the last 2 digits in the year we are currently residing in xD_v1828806360.png
Eldest of 5 daughters
Started playing howrse on 09/09/11(Canadian server)

began playing on the international server on 2013-02-01 with this handsome stud who i named Carson



On Instagram as suzy_rachelle so if you wanna see a couple of my drawings hop over there n if you wanna see more recent drawings bug me n i may post a few recent ones50585be4e3159a71c874c590d2ba12ec.png 

I am my own hair dresser and do my own piercings so I hope that my stuff doesn't look too bad cause of it

ukranian,german,russian, welsh, scottish (a bit of irish and possibly english as well if normandy or anglo saxon counts) and gypsy ancestry that i know of so far

also traced one branch of my family tree back to 1650 and another branch 13 generations(if i can include myself in there)

I am Canadian but i used to chat with americans a lot so i have picked up a few american mannerisms 

of mennonite descent and i would love to hear from any of you guys out there if you know of mennonites or are also descended from one or more mennonites 


so i am breeding/collecting





companions(which everyone now call pets?)

golden apples

helios ray

high gp

a couple divines and a wild(hoping to get more eventually)

oh yeah unis.i got atleast one mare of each breed of those lil buggers

idk what else so for the moment i am done rambling

the moment when you are playing howrse at quarter to 5 AM and a ladybug lands on your top and scares you so much you nearly scream and wake up the sleeping peoplece52790629679d930ca16c39a4f619c3.png ~february 15,2018

in this life of mine i choose to see the beauty and feel the pain

do not mourn me when i'm gone for it is my wish to be forgotten


cc grand prix

76th filly17419 5 min 58”11 Till the End

84th m17 5 min 58”24 Till the End

98th M6 On the Rocks 5 min 58”45 Till the End

100th F 17310.44 5 min 58”52 Till the End