Hello, My name is Jazz! 
I have played Howrse in the past on old accounts that have since disappeared. I recently just started up again and I am excited to be back. I am an adult player now and can stay on as long as I want! YAY! I find Howrse to be relaxing as well as very fun and slightly addictive. I enjoy collecting Divines as well as other BMI coats.
As far as myself and my other interests I am a nature lover and adventurer. My best friends are my dogs Banjo and Rainer. I am Pagan and I believe in the power of nature. I’m not that interesting but I am always looking to meet new people and learn new things. Feel free to shoot me a message or a friend request! :)

I am looking for some pen pals/book club friends. I have always loved to read and write so I think this would be a fun thing to start up. Send me a message so we can connect! :)