Hello! My name is Georgia and I am a 16 year-old brazilian girl. I'm an equestrian since my childhood, and currently I own four horses. Crystal(an anglo arabian×mangalarga marchador mare), Marquise (a brazilian sport horse mare), Simba(a criollo×mangalarga marchador gelding) and Clint(a criollo×thoroughbred gelding). I ride both english and western. Well, let's talk a little about me without being horse related. I guess no one cares about my zodiac sign, but anyways... I'm a libra and my ascendant sign is aquarius. I love reading, and my favorite book series is the Tiger's Curse. Currently, my favorite TV series is Lucifer. Music is something I need to survive. I love pop, and I'm really into asian pop right now. No, not just k-pop. I actually enjoy c-pop and j-pop too. And PLEASE, please don't ask me if I like BTS and I'm an ARMY, asian pop is not only BTS. Yes, I enjoy some of their songs, but they seriously aren't even close to be my favorite group, and I don't make part of their fandom. By the way, if you are an exo-l, for ever, nctzen, my day, hidden kard, ahgase, stay, atiny or blink PLEASE message me lol. Well, I guess that's it, my life is pretty normal.
I haven't been active in the last months. I really lost interest for games, so I rarely play/get on Howrse. Actually I just log in to take a little care of my equestrian center and that's it. I used to be veryyy active and competitive. Now I'm not anymore. I've tried a lot of breeds, and I fell in love with Selle Français. If someday I start being active again, I'll continue breeding them. There's something important you should know: not being active doesn't mean I'll sell ANY of my babys, so take your eye away from them, thank you. I'm also not interested in having partners right now, so don't even loose your time messaging me. That's all, folks.
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