I am currently looking to buy back all the Unicowrns from my original account, those with the affix oƒ LoveForAUnicøωrn  I am willing to pay top dollar for these, or will be willing to find an almost exact replica (same coat with same BMIs).

Formerly XAngerxLovexHateX, I've decided to return to the game. I've been playing Howrse on and off since 2007. I love the game, but sometimes life gets in the way and I can't always get on every day. If you send me a message and don't get an immediate response, please be patient. I WILL get back with you! Please don't hesitate to send me a message. I'm not one of the rude "Don't talk to me, I'm better than you" players like a lot of people on Howrse seem to be. I'm very friendly, and very willing to help others as much as possible. 

  • I love breeding the Unicowrns! They have always been my favorite. It's so thrilling every time I get a new Uni foal! My main focus is the Appaloosa, Quarter Pony, Gypsy Vanner, and Mustang breeds, but I plan to eventually own at least one of every breed and every color. 
  • I will occasionally pick up a few high GP mares to breed and sale the foals. They will be sold with my affix and at the cheapest prices in the sales (for comparable horses). 
  • I frequently pick up high GP stallions to offer public coverings at 500e, so keep your eyes open for those!  

  • I finally have my first ever Diamond Apple Unicowrn Mustang! Check her out: Ehawee *She is NOT FOR SALE. The name Ehawee is of Native American Sioux origin.  The meaning of Ehawee is "laughing maiden" and is pronounced E-ha-wee.
  • Most of my collection horses are Geldings. Some that are not geldings are available for trade for the same coat as a gelding. 
  • None of the gelding horses in the "Collections" tab are for sale. 
  • I am trying to collect as many of the Trophies as possible. I am looking to buy all of the Seal of Apocalypse horses, All of the Book of Monsters, All of the Double Sided Medallions, All of the Magic Hats, and All of the Wanderers Spirts. 
  • I collect a few Golden Apples and Retired Apples. I am mainly collecting at least one of each (60)creations by Lulakita (no longer on the game). *Please see below for the coats I need. 
  • I collect original foundation horses - those with 350 - 351.20gp who are sired by Ouranos & Gaia. Will buy any and all! Let me know what you've got!

  • Any horse in the "Other Horses" tab IS FOR SALE
  • If you are interested in any horse I have in the sales and there is not a "negotiable"sign on it, don't be afraid to send an offer. I have a bad habit of forgetting to click the negotiable sign. Please refrain from sending the silly offers of 500e-2,000e for a 25k horse. 
  • I frequently purchase unicorn mares with no affix and put limited edition golden apples on them and then sell them for profit once they retire. Check out the "RC Mares FOR SALE" tab to see which ones I have available!
  • I am looking to buy Gypsy Vanner and Mustang Unicorns with Vintage Apple coats of the same respective breed. Please let me know if you have any for sale!

  • I will buy any female unicowrn WITHOUT an affix for 60,000e. Just reserve and I'll pick them up the next time I log in. 
  • None of my Unicowrns with my affix oƒ LoveForAUnicøωrn are for sale. 
  • Ehawee is not for sale. Please do not ask. 

BMI Trading...
  • I'm currently looking to buy: Achilles' Heel, Philosophers Stones, Zesu's Lightning Bolts, Piece of Clouds, golden apples
  • I can offer trades for these items or equus purchases

Real Life Horses... 
  • The palomino horse in my profile picture is my real horse, who I call Sandy. He is an AQHA gelding, registered as "A True Hundred 4444". I acquired him in August, 2014 to be used as a breeding stallion in my 100% foundation quarter horse program. I sent off for his 5 panel genetic testing to be done and sadly he came back positive for one of the diseases called "PSSM 1" which is a single dominant disease. This disease would be passed on to 50% of his offspring, so I made the very tough decision to castrate Sandy. He now serves his time babysitting the young weanlings and just enjoying life.
  • I currently have 5 AQHA broodmares that are all 100% NFQHA :Miss Mo Jo King, Kings La Kia, Kings Baby Mable, Duchess Hollywood, and Kings Barbi Doll. I also have Hollywoods King Lady who is 96% NFQHA.
  • You can find out more about my real life breeding: Royal C Farms www.RoyalCFQH.com

Lulakita's Creations I Need...
Unicorn Holsteiner ChestnutRiding Horse Appaloosa Chestnut BlanketRiding Horse Hanoverian Cherry bayRiding Horse Arabian Horse Liver chestnutUnicorn Shetland DunRiding Horse Arabian Horse Dapple GrayPegasus Irish Hunter Fleabitten GrayUnicorn Purebred Spanish Horse Dapple GrayPegasus Irish Hunter Mouse GrayUnicorn Australian Pony Dapple GrayPegasus Irish Hunter BayUnicorn Quarter Horse PalominoRiding Horse Arabian Horse BayRiding Horse Arabian Horse BlackRiding Horse Appaloosa Black Spotted BlanketRiding Horse Paint Horse Bay ToveroPegasus Thoroughbred Flaxen ChestnutPegasus Quarter Horse Cherry bayPegasus Paint Horse Liver chestnut TobianoRiding Horse Purebred Spanish Horse Dark BayRiding Horse Arabian Horse Cherry bayRiding Horse Thoroughbred Dark BayPegasus Shetland ChestnutPegasus Paint Horse Black TobianoRiding Horse Hanoverian Dark BayRiding Horse Paint Horse Chestnut OveroRiding Horse Marwari BlackRiding Horse Trakehner DunRiding Horse Hanoverian Liver chestnutRiding Horse Arabian Horse Light GrayRiding Horse Thoroughbred BayRiding Horse Appaloosa Chestnut Spotted BlanketPegasus Hanoverian Mouse GrayPegasus Irish Hunter PalominoPegasus Irish Hunter BayPegasus Quarter Horse ChestnutPegasus Arabian Horse Strawberry roanPegasus Irish Hunter Dapple GrayRiding Horse Purebred Spanish Horse Cherry bay

Various Coats I Am Looking For... 
Unicorn Australian Pony Light GrayUnicorn Marwari Chestnut OveroUnicorn Highland Pony Mouse GrayUnicorn Arabian Horse Fleabitten GrayUnicorn Knabstrupper Black LeopardPony Chincoteague Pony Flaxen ChestnutUnicorn Appaloosa Chestnut SnowflakeWinged Unicorn Appaloosa Dun Spotted BlanketUnicorn Appaloosa Bay SnowflakeUnicorn Shetland Flaxen ChestnutPony Newfoundland Pony BayRiding Horse KWPN Liver chestnutWinged Unicorn Knabstrupper RoanUnicorn Knabstrupper Chestnut LeopardUnicorn Newfoundland Pony BayUnicorn Knabstrupper Chestnut LeopardDonkey Donkey BlackDonkey Donkey BlackPony Australian Pony Cherry bayRiding Horse Hanoverian Strawberry roanDonkey Donkey BlackDonkey Donkey WhiteDonkey Donkey BlackDonkey Donkey BlackDonkey Donkey BlackDonkey Donkey BlackDonkey Donkey BlackDonkey Donkey BrownDonkey Donkey BlackDonkey Donkey BlackPony Shetland Liver chestnutDonkey Donkey BlackDonkey Donkey BlackDonkey Donkey BrownDonkey Donkey BlackPony Connemara DunPony Newfoundland Pony BlackDonkey Donkey WhiteDonkey Donkey BrownDonkey Donkey BrownPony Chincoteague Pony Liver chestnut TobianoDonkey Donkey WhiteDonkey Donkey BlackDonkey Donkey BlackPony Connemara Mouse Gray