If you need me urgently you can find me on 
Kik : SubtleSeb
Snapchat : sebkemp
Skype : subtlecrown6
Instagram : subtleseb or atoolforafool

Will Buy Any pass horse (30) for 100,000!

Proud owner of the largest Western EQ centre on this server! (200 Days)
2nd for overall number of horses boarding
10,000 boxes!!! (321 Days)
17,000 boxes! (506 Days)
18,500 boxes (606 Days Slowed down due to 2* boxes)
20,000 boxes (651 Days) 

Now currently in active, Will log on to accept boarding and maintain workshops and meadows

Currently sick of repairing boxes! about 900 more pages to go! only making 2* boxes as I don't want to expand rapidly anymore.

I want Horses, Want to make some quick equus? Sell me any horse for my asking price!! Just PM me fast!

If you are actually visiting my page, please Congratulate me and visit Newbie_Boy to Congratulate her!

I'm a usually a nice guy, so feel free to message me if you want to chat!!

Selling horses? PM Me or Reserve them for me!
If you have any unwanted horses I would love to buy them off you for 500-2500E!
Any Special horses for sale? P-stone foundies? 15,000E?
BMI equipped horses? PM me we can talk money!
Unicorn Mares 40,000E

I Want 
I'm in need of about 50 Philosopher's Stones! Got any for sale, PM Me?
Any horses you don't want, I want to own every horse on this game!

Any Centre updates will be on the Centre's Page Here
I can offer large amount of reserved boxes for 20E, sadly NO benefits yet as I am still expanding and in early stages of the game, just PM me, DO NOT screw me around i do not care for immature people if you are one your not welcome at my centre simple as can be.
I am an adult guy, Happily Married! I moved from England to America. I own a few horses in England but my main lady Bella is in America living with my Misses on there ranch. Bella is an Arabian cross Mustang we're attempting liberty training, its going slow but well,. I just finished college studying yacht fabrication, sub assembly and composites. 

Update : 
I now live in A secluded farm/ranch in Wisconsin with little to sometimes no WIFI, so mass taking care of boxes, swapping numerous meadows really is a struggle now. It sucks yes and is stressful waiting hours for anything! 

My horses : SubtleSeb
Truck and Tractor Pulls TruckPullers
Megan's Liberty Horsemanship : Hoove_Beats_In_Our_Hearts
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Me and My wife! on our wedding day. Happiest day of my life.

My silly horse in England he's a Welsh Cob, Section D and My Shetland, Stumpy.

My sphyco Arabian cross Mustang mare Bella!

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