The Western Underground Quarter Horse team is recruiting!! PM me if interested.


About Me

•  I am a teenager from the Midwestern US                                                                        •  I live on a farm and am an active 4-Her where I show pigs and cattle                                                                         •  I have 2 dogs, 4 pigs, 5 cattle, and many cats that have taken up residence in my barn                                                     •  I play guitar but can also play a little piano and drums                                                       •   I enjoy fishing and compete in high school tournaments every once in a while

My Game

Currently paying equus for just about any performance and breeding BMI's PM me to negotiate price! I am currently the leader of the #3 Quarter Horse team, Western Underground. PM me if interested in joining. I will buy any horse for 5000e, just put them in the reserve sales. Feel free to have a look at my forum, I have a few games in there and a Guestbook.
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