I ALWAYS WANT PASSES! I even sell horses I would not otherwise sell for passes. If you see a horse you like and want to pay passes to buy it, pm me.

I accept random friend requests/random messages! Go ahead and talk to me, I don't bite!

I do flip horses, but only after I've improved them somehow (trained them up some, put a bmi item on them, put them in foal with a good stallion, ext.)

However, if I negotiated for it or it's a excellent horse, 99% of the time I'll keep the horse.

If a horse is up for negotiation, it doesn't mean I'll take half of the price. I do try to make a profit, after all. The minimum price I MIGHT take would be an extra 1k from the price I bought it at, plus cost of any bmi's, or (if asking for passes) I may be willing to negotiate a pure eq price instead.

I may have one or two pairs of uni couples, but pretty much only so I can sell the kiddos.

I greatly prefer horses with high skills/genetic potential over anything else, so you probably won't be finding any with special coats/bmi items here.

I am (almost) ALWAYS looking for bmi's that help with breeding or training. Contact me and let me know how much you'd want for the items.

Feel free to pm me with offers for my horses, I don't bite! (Unless you don't listen if I say it isn't for sale. Then I may nibble a little.)

Things about me!

I am autistic (higher functioning, but still have trouble understanding things.) so please avoid chatspeak if at all possible.

I have a genetic condition called Elher-Danlos syndrome. My type is a blend of 4, vascular, and type 3, hypermobile. Basically, I have heart issues and am really flexible.        
I am also mostly deaf. I can hear really loud sounds (jet engines, having a party popper go off right next to me) but can't hear most of the sounds for speech. My type of deafness is caused by having the 'tubes' in the ears be closed (aka, I don't have ear holes it's kinda creepy looking). I still have vibration hearing (it's when the bones around the ear vibrate, like when listening to something super deep.) but can't hear a majority of sounds, and those I do I can't hear like normal people. i was born this way (obviously). I mostly communicate with typing or images, since signing is pretty hard (I'm a dolt, okay?)

I have great enjoyment of 3ds games such as Tomadachi life, Monster Hunter 3, Fire emblem, and various other games. (Do not even get me started on fire emblem games, I will end up blowing up your messages. Love those games so much!)

I get lonely pretty easy, and unlike what some people may say about auspies, I really do like being around people and talking to them, and yes, I do get very upset if I find out i upset someone, even if I didn't know what I said might be hurtful. (I do have empathy, you know?)

Wanna know more? feel free to ask! I don't mind!