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About Me
howdy (: i'm copperhorse and i'm an adult (young- fresh outta college and you know how we do- just figured i'd add that so i don't scare ya lol) horse trainer in south carolina. i've been playng howrse for five years, but have taken many hiatuses during that time lol. i have depression, anxiety, ptsd, and am suicidal, along with putting the b in lgbt, but i try not to let that get in the way of howrse, but i do understand where you're coming from if you need someone. i ADORE roleplaying, and am always looking for prp partners. i mainly watch greys anatomy, forensic files, and ghost adventures. i have a bunch of movies that i adore, but disney, marvel, star wars, and any 90s - present movies are kinda my jam. my music - RAP. ANY rap is my favorite, but eminem, tupac, biggie, ice cube, dre, post malone, and snoop are my main. i also like taylor swift, lewis capaldi, one direction, james arthur, and ed sheeran. i also ADORE john mulaney ((: i accept any and all friend requests, and my pms are always open (: 
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My Game
i'm honestly just on here to rp XD but the horses i focus on are thoroughbreds for my team (serenity vale) and my main affix, ⱧɄ₥฿ⱠɆ, which are paint and tb crosses (: anything in my ap tab is for sale 3.5k to 5.5k (depending on the horse), and i'll sell you a mustang if the price is right (;
random, anyone?
sorry i could be so blind.