college student

I have been playing howrse for ages now and while I do not know the exact number, I think it’s been around eight to nine years. I think I originally started playing when I was about 11 or so. I had an account before I created this one in 2015, but there was at least a good year or two between them. Right now I am working with the kwpn, purebred spanish, knabstrupper, gypsy vanner, and marwari breeds. Random messages, as long as they are friendly, are always welcome. If you need any help with getting your game started, or have any questions about the game overall, I will do my best to help out. However, please do not ask me to give you things for free. Just like many others here, I have worked hard to get to where I am.

First of all, if a horse is not already listed for sale then it is not for sale. Do not send me random offers unless you were the original breeder. Sometimes I will post when I am looking for offers and that is the ONLY exception. Any messages containing offers, especially low ones, will simply be ignored. If a horse is up for sale and is marked as negotiable, any low offers will be ignored. I also will only accept what is within the sales limit set by howrse, and will not accept USD or BMI as payment for horses.
As for buying, I will buy any horse for 2,500e. Just reserve the horse and shoot me a message so I know to pick it up. I am ALWAYS looking for silver apples to add to my collection, so feel free to message me if you have any that you are selling. I will eventually get around to starting a forum for specific coats that I am hunting for, but I procrastinate a lot so who knows when I will actually get around to it.
I am currently trying to finish the companion trophy and still need a ladybug, bee, camel, kangaroo, and a dog. If you have any for a reasonable price, message me with what you are looking for.
I usually have a good hoard of BMI, so if there is anything you have been looking for feel free to message me with an offer. I am willing to sell or trade any spare BMI that I have. I am always looking for timers, heels, arms, golden apples, and tears so if you have any to trade or sell, message me.
Right now I am also looking to buy medusa blood in bulk in order to finish the winged unicorn trophy. If you have any, message me with the amount and how much you are looking for. I still need 35.


I do, sometimes, auto-comp while blupping so if I enter over you, it is not intentional. If you need any help filling, just shoot me a message and I would be happy to help.