Hi there!
So this is where I write some stuff about myself...
Well, I'm an adult player & this is my chill time so I'm relatively laid back about the whole thing. I am however, always happy to help, just let me know what you need and I always return the favour! 
I accept all friend requests and love a good natter, just drop me line.
Currently focusing mostly on my EC and my teams, any help/tips are always appreciated. 
I'm also quite happy to buy horses if you're just wanting to get rid of them, the price would be reasonable and higher than what you'd get if you put it in the safe haven. Just hate to see a good horse go to waste!
Cheers for reading, Hanna
Thanks for supporting my EC! :) I’ll put all of the money I get right back into it to always provide meadows, mash & 3* equipment!