Hey, I'm spiritheart00

A little about me (and if at any point there's a word or something missing please don't bug me about, I'll catch it eventually)

When I'm not on Howrse I'm most likely watching anime/reading manga.

I've seen a lot, though a good bit of them are lesser known/not talked about much. I used to keep a list here of all the ones I’ve seen but that was pretty pointless and I got rid of it. But, a few favorites would be Erased, Durarara!!, and Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

Some manga I’ve read, or I’ve been reading, are: +Anima, Magic Knight Rayearth, Hibiki’s Magic, Fairy Cube, and Karneval

I also draw a lot, especially recently.

I went through a long period of low activity on here that went on for a really long time. I’m hoping to change that very very soon

This is so empty… I am not good at talking about myself

I recently found out that I have high functioning ASD (it mostly just affects my ability to interact with people). That said, I sometimes process things differently and I can get very awkward during a conversation. I can be a bit blunt, I try not to, I really do.

My Game

Horse Sales

I stopped selling horses very early on in my game(especially the ones I bred) so please don't ask.


The breeds that I focus on change periodically, currently they are-

GP ranges only include horses I've bred, not ones I've bought
I try to keep it up to date as much as possible (mostly for my own reference)
(not bad considering the last time I was really active it had just broke 9000)

I’ve been in Paint the Stars Gold for over 4 years now. I honestly can’t believe it’s been that long.

Second Chance Rescue Group

I'm part of an unofficial team called Second Chance, we rescue horses with 70% or less health, then once they're healed we try to find them forever homes, if you are interested in adopting pm me or moona57635 for the rescues we have(mine are either with moona or i ended up adopting). moona has more information with it than I do(for right now).

*I did not start the team myself, I'm just keeping it going after the founders' accounts were deleted

(When I get the chance I will update my page to a better fit - been doing as I go but it's always a small change (somewhat working on a layout)

Goals on the game-

can't think of any others, I'll add to it when I think of something...

When one of my horses was born

a water balloon showed up so I named her after a

Clow Card from Cardcaptor Sakura

The Watery

Even though she has the Earth element her name will not change

I have no idea how the two different fonts happened...

Image result for cardcaptor sakura images The Watery

My Forum

I plan on putting a few things up for Second Chance, FAQs, adoptions, etc. I check it almost daily, so I will be able to get back to you quickly. Please no advertising without permission, thanks

Random (most of these have been here since I started and I don't really feel like removing them)

Have you ever stopped to think just what horses sent to the slaughter house have to go through?? Did you know, they are taken in cattle trucks and half of them die on the way?? Did you know that when they get there, they are given nothing to eat or drink and are squished with heaps of other horses into a tiny yard?? Did you know that they shoot them over and over in the head with a nail gun and half the time they are still conscious. Do you know they hang them, cut their throats, and then let them bleed to death?? I bet you didn't. Did you know, they do this in front of the horse next to go so they know exactly whats going to happen to them?? Did you know they take mothers AND foals?? Did you know they take the foal away from the mother and let them watch their baby get killed brutally?? Or it can happen the other way round... if you've read this and you don't care LEAVE MY PAGE. If you've read this and do care put it on your page and let everyone know of the real horrors that go on behind those awful walls!!! This is crazy. Animals should be loved and cared for not hunted and tortured!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ow5ynhQyzZLqm1xRp_Q01yEujm4K-ABNLsz678QSPut this on your page if you're against horse slaughter!



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