Hello, and welcome to my page! My name is Lauren. I am a returning player from a few years ago. I live somewhere in the USA. I am between the ages of 16-24. Do not send me chain mail or give me a random link, I will block you! All of it will be deleted and reported. I also play Star Stable Online, so if you wanna be friends, PM me. Thank you to ~Silverwood~ for helping me with my trophy collection (this includes Wandering Spirits and normal coats!)

Please remember that when I buy a horse from you, that it now belongs to me. I can do whatever I wish to do with it.If you mail me begging for your horse back, there is a chance that I will block you. The Pass+AP, GA/Vintage/Retired, Divines, Trophy Coats, and Other Special Coats are NOT for sale. The other tab is for sale, but, only certain horses are, so mail me!

The 1000th person to congratulate me will win ONE of the following choices (of his/her choice): Fertility Wand, Pandora's Box, Helios Ray, Piece of Cloud, Hypnos Blanket, or Poseidon's Pack.