About Me:

I have loved horses all my life but I have been unable to own one.  I wish I could.  I am however, owned by my cat, Lucy.

      I was introduced to Howrse by my daughters.  By joining Howrse I can collect all the horses I want.  This  is horse heaven for me.

     I have been collecting Breyer Traditional Horses since I was a child so my collection is a decent size.  There are horse statues I have collected from states I have traveled to.  But my top favorite statue is a Clydesdale I bought in Ontario Canada.




I collect a variety of horse breeds.  I purchase young horses, train them, and enter them in competitions.  Several of my horses I started as foals are being successful.

I will accept friend requests.  a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.pnge7e0b504610fac2eb3eaba34d6edee5b.png 855f2acb12410ea8c7951e834f5ff498_v1582023526.png


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