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Home of The Quartermasters crosses.

My Howrse History:

I joined Howrse back in 2007 with a different login and was briefly part of the Imperatrix Affix for breeding purebred Hanos while they were producing double and triple greenstars. Mods were Jaguar, Espionage, SarahKat, etc. I used CraXor's foal games and NoBrains' blup by 10 methods on my horses - if that isn't nostalgia inducing, I don't know what is!

About Me:

I am a female adult player, 25 years old, and am currently a PhD student studying Psychology in the USA. Due to my busy schedule, I'm an intermittent player and sometimes go as long as a year on breaks.  I'm always happy to chat about Howrse strategy, crossbreeding, or psychology, etc.!  

My black pearl coats from 2008: (The product of a 13 year old + google stock images + tracing over said images in Microsoft paint 855f2acb12410ea8c7951e834f5ff498.png)

Black Gold 

Dappled Dreams