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(1) Tumblr(10) horse gif | Tumblr  A BROWN HORSE. (Go get out of the rain, silly!)Welcome to my page! I am Appaloose, you can call me Appaloose or Loose. I'm crazy and have a pixie haircut... :D_v1828806360.png In real life I own two Arabian horses and ride Western, as well as riding English on my Warmblood mare, spending my time barrel racing and pole bending provincially, also showjumping. Anyhow, I love wolves - actually, all canines -and play Howrse as often as I can, so feel free to friend me! I'm usually very friendly unless someone just took advantage of my blondeness, which rarely happens now, so don't be shy....

~Appaloose:D_v1828806360.png KEEP SCROLLING!

I am a Mustang and Arabian breeder! Mustangs are about 7900GP and Arabians average at about 8200GP.

Golden apples, high quality horses, achilles heels, offers on current horses.

Horse Sales
Feel free to offer on any of my horses! I may or may not accept it.
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