~Not much to tell about me. I'm 27 and female. Mother of 2 boys (1 is 5 the other is less than a year) I love nature and animals. I do volunteer wildlife rehabilitation, I ranch cattle, I do photography, I'm a published children's author, and I sell art. If you gift or congratulate me I'll do my best to get you back.

 I am currently looking for the following: 

Bee, and Ladybug for ALL THE ANIMALS

Violet for IRIS' COAT

And of course any divine horses besides Blitzen, Cupid, Prancer, Comet, and Donner. 

Aside from that here are some tips you may find helpful.

1) If you go to Archimedes and answer the question at the top of the page correctly you can win 1 aging point. Limit once per day

2) If you go to  Frost and defrost her you have a chance at winning a Hypnos’s blanket, which is a new BM item that allows you to care for your horse without boarding it in an EC. Also, on the first of each month, a Frost will be offered to one of the players that helped defrost her. Limit once per day.

3) If you go to Xanthos and stroke him you can win energy for one of your horses and you may even win a horn of plenty and 1000 equus. Limit 5 times a day. Here are 4 other Xanthos links. Xanthos , Xanthos, Xanthos, Xanthos.

4) If you go to Topaz and congratulate him you get 50 equus and you have a chance of winning a diamond. Limit 5 times a day. Here are 4 other Topaz links. Topaz, Topaz, Topaz, Topaz

5) If you name one of you horses "Junior Croesus" (gender doesn't matter) it has the chance of becoming a Croesus every month. In case you don't know what a Croesus is...it's a divine horse that produces equus instead of manure, it also gives the owner a pass on the 13th of every month as long as the owner logged in the day before. If that Friday is a 13th the owner gets 2 passes. So it's worth doing, but just a side note: only one horse counts so don't bother naming all your horses Junior Croesus.

6) If you go to the player Hades page you can find direct access links to companion animals and few other helpful things.

~ I only sell what is already in sales so don't bother to make offers on my other horses. However you may ask if I have anything you are looking for available or if it soon will be available.

~  If you wish to advertise anything or announce that you are searching for something you may do so in my forum. I accept any and all friend requests (unless you are rude).

~ All of my shires, drums, percherons, and donkeys are sold with 1 covering left

Have a great day 2a1af738d56da555be74920210e2babc_v1828806360.png