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About Me

Hello! Welcome to Sunset Valley Ranch! Come, come and get to know my herd!

I also have an account on Polish Server. I have the same nickname.

Thank you to all my friends who sent me any gifts! a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png

01. 11. 2020 I got desired Gorgon on my Polish account!

09. 03. 2019 I got Pieni from Golden Fleece!

24. 05. 2019- I got Ran from HOP!

28. 02. 2020-I got Sequoia from HOP!

Im also proud of my unis and regular horses, there were awesome foals born :)

Hi guys. My name is Magda and I'm an adult player from Poland. I think it would be nice if I introduced myself some more. I'm interested in animals, drawing (digital and ,,on paper"), life sciences, English language (this is one of the reasons I started playing on International version + I love this atmosphere :)), some other languages (including Latin), fantasy literature, games, films, art, music (also s-f movies and books), nature generally, Universe, adventure films and books, folklore and mythology of many cultures, cartoon films, horror movies, mysterious/anciient/medieval places and mysteries of the world. Of course, my favourite animal is a horse. Since I was a little kid I have been in love with these beautiful creatures (and everything related to them). I don't have my own steed in real life but I would like to. Who knows, maybe one day one of my dreams will come true? Here I have a lot of my dream horses :) I focus on breeding rare coats and collecting awesome horses (regular, unicorns, divines, drafts) with or without customisation items as well as training them. I have dreamy nature and love when people treat each other, animals, and everything with kindness and heart. What you give that you take backa4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png

! I won't return a horse I have bought in direct sales even if you sold it ,,accidentally" unless it is a horse you need for your team or very special horse to you! I will not return a horse just so that you could sell it for more, and don't really care for it !

Currently,  I'm not able to join a team, I don't deal with professional (strictly time limited) horse training cause I' m not familiar with it. I have never been in team and I have never trained (professionally) a horse (but I trained a lot for fun and I think my horses are trained pretty good). I don't function well under pressure and I don't like strict deadlines so please don't offer joining your team. I prefer working on my own or with close friends. But there are a lot of awesome Teams I respect :) I really admire their creativity and hard work. Greetings guys <3
  Wanted: Coats 
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Breed: Anglo-Arab
Gender: Filly
Coat: Palomino
Owner: Anya003
Create-A-Horse made by izzyhorselover
Wind of Cheyenne
Breed: Chincoteague Pony
Gender: Colt
Coat: Bay
Owner: Anya003
Create-A-Horse made by izzyhorselover
Shadowmere Spots
Breed: Pony of the Americas
Gender: Filly
Coat: Appaloosa
Owner: Anya003
Create-A-Horse made by izzyhorselover