Hello there, I am Vampire, but you may ofc call me Vamps or V for short <3 
Now that you've made yourself at home, I must ask coffee or tea? 
nevertheless I enjoy your company my dear. 
I suppose you want to know a wee bit about me - so where should I start? 
I am a young adult who finds herself mostly at work, which I used to not dread but as of late I have become extremely exhausted and burnt-out. In my time away from work a few things I enjoy are reading books, listening to music, taking pictures, reflecting, writing, and spending time with the few I cherish and ofc logging onto this wonderful game.

~ Playing ~ 
I am currently working on my Teke unicorns but I also breed other horses on the side so I am not hyper focused on one thing at the moment :)
Sells are usually very scattered I don't have a set time or date I put horses up for sell. Most of the time you will find nothing besides mushrooms and moss and other times you might just find diamonds and gold so just feel free to take a peep from time to time.
Psttttt horses I plan on selling might be found in the for sell tab. 

Well, it's been fun but I must go, till next time my dear friend!