3.8.2021 - Sorry I have been gone, I will be back more once school and personal life gives me more time. On the side I am still trying to get graphics up and made when I have spare time. :) <3

Hello and welcome to my page! 
I will not be as active as I used to be, I will try to log on every few days to check my messages. 
please be patient with me. 
- - Please enter my graphics comp if you have the time. - -
~ Vamps <3

New premade avatars are up now please remember to post of your usage so I know as it helps me know what ya'll wanna see and please do not steal any of my work as I put a lot of time and effort into my graphics. 

I am working on a new graphics theme and hope to release it soon! - 2.20.21

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The luck items used to be fun until they added the fragments as it seems like it made it so much harder I have spent 5 horns of plenty and 100 passes and got nothing and I would be crazy to spend anymore. I spent way to much on luck items since they added fragments and I don't think I will be anymore :-)