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23 year old game design major from the US. INTP. I currently am on hiatus from riding, but I've been riding for 10 years and have shown on my state's circuit in hunters and equitation. I don't own a horse right now but my last horse was a thoroughbred gelding that I had leased until he was put down in 2013. I currently have 2 cats, a lab/boxer mix, a hedgehog, and some fish.  I'm very interested in broadway, music, video games, photography, art, and cosplay.

I'm back after a long break, and looking to join a competitive team once I'm established again. I am currently not on any teams, and I am available as a VIP filler.
All horses that are currently listed for sale are under the "sales" tab. Please be aware that I cannot cancel an auction if the horse has already been bid on. I'm always looking to buy A. tears, P. stones, and arms. I keep pretty much all of my equus saved in wheat bran to keep my ap farm covering costs low- if I make an offer above what my current reserve says, I do have that amount readily available. Layout by booyah