Welcome to my page!

I'm gonna try to be more active on here, so feel free to talk or DM me about anything! I'll consider any horse trades/sales if you're interested in my horses. 

I'll also look into any item exchanges if I have a BMI you need.

Some stuff about me:

Favorite movies: LOTR/the Hobbit, all the Marvel movies, Harry Potter movies, Narnia etc.

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Favorite shows: the 100, Stranger Things, Jane the Virgin, Gossip Girl, On my Block

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Favorite celebrities/characters: Tom Holland, the Dolan Twins, Bucky Barnes, Captain America, Loki, Draco Malfoy, Legolas Greenleaf, Tom Hiddleston, and so much more haha

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Things I do in my free time: make Instagram edits, listen to music, play sports.