Still currently not very active on here, however I log on every now and then to make sure my account is still here. Hoping to be regularly active again soon!


My name is Billie, and i'm 21 years old from Australia. I've been on Howrse for a long time, I made this account in 2015, but i've been playing since I was 11/12 years old on a previous account, and then I made this one. I've had long breaks inbetween since 2015, but I always come back and play eventually. I deleted my old presentation and have been absent for a while so nobody probably even remembers me! But a lot has changed over the last few months. I now own my own horse, and she's a 3 year old Appaloosa filly (pictured in my profile picture). I study horses & I want to make horses my career as well as my passion & hobby. I'm also the mother of a 4yo daughter. Aaaaand, I love CATS! (just in case it wasn't already obvious)