Happy Howrsing everyone
Please stay safe, and take care of yourself!

Song of the day: April Showers- ProleteR

- Feel free to send me a friend request, I always accept. 

- I appreciate receiving PMs

- I return all congratulations I see

Update: So... currently I'm not as active as I would like to be. But, I'm still going to log on as much as I can. If I don't respond to requests or messages instantly it's because I haven't seen them. 

--page under construction-- 

Hello there! Thank you for stopping by. 

A bit about me: 

- I've been on this site since I was 12, though I've had different accounts. 
- I love animals- including animals like spiders, scorpions and other "creepy" creatures. Currently I own an array, and I love them all. Perhaps I'll post pictures of them on here soon.
- I am an older teenager, and I'm almost done high school.
- I love music; I especially love heavier genres and EDM. 
- I live basically in the middle of nowhere. 
- I may be awkward... but I love meeting new people. 

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