Hi! I'm an American player who used to play a while back as a kid and I'm starting back up again. IRL I'm a barrel racer and team roper. I also compete in reining, sorting, trail, and cutting. I live on a cattle ranch with my ten horses. I also raise rabbits and goats on the farm.

The affix Downunder Legends: Inspired by Clinton Anderson's Downunder Horsemanship, this affix only holds the best Quarter Horses I've produced. I am the only breeder using this affix, so I've built myself up entirely on my own. It is steadily growing. There are a handful of spinoffs of this affix that can be identified as DL or Downunder as the first word. These spinoffs contain well bred horses that are either purebred and didn't make the cut to have the original affix or Quarter Horse crosses that are just as good as the purebreds. ***NOT Associated With Downunder AQHA***

        Specializing in Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds and Appaloosas.
         Will start Nokotas, Paints, Selle Francais, Arabians and Argentinian Criollos soon!
         PM me for specific matchups you would like!
         Prices will depend on stars, GP and covering prices. (Price typically ranges from 2500-4000 E with higher end horses)
         As with all coverings, the gender of your foal will not be guaranteed.
         Pick a Mare from my breeding farm and choose a stud from either your farm, the public coverings, or my farm.
Any horse is for sale at the right price, PM with offers!
I will start purchasing horses with fairly good genetics for reasonable prices. Place any unwanted horses in my reserves and I will purchase them!
Stud Service from QH with GP above 18000
Quarter Horse mares with a GP above 18000
5th Element Horses
Any rare coats (Especially Duns!!)
Winged Draft Unicorn

I will try my best to give back any congratulations I receive. I've played this game for about 10 years now so if you need some help I will certainly attempt to give it to you!! Thank you to those who have viewed my page, taken the time to read my presentation, and helped me obtain any horses I was searching for!!!8f0d73882229b1f472cf172ee2f66ad8.png