Hello! My name is Joanie, and I live in Texas, US. 

English is my native language, but I am currently learning Japanese, German, and Spanish!

I am on the ASD Spectrum and my special interests are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, My little Pony, Dinosaurs, Jurassic Park, Horses, Yakuza(SEGA), and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

I make digital art over on Deviantart. I go by the username hovesoffire48. I also use the same username on, and Art Fight if you'd like to check me out!
I do accept friend requests, especially for the events! However I'm a bit shy, so it may take me a bit to respond to any PM's, so a bit of patience is appreciated!
The lovely horse in my profile pic is named Star! I've had her since she was 15, and got her on December 24, 2016!

Her birthday is April 16, 2001, and she will be 20 in 2021!

She's my old lady, and although I don't ride her much, I love her to bits and pieces!

She doesn't like sugar very much, but enjoys apples, and carrots.
Game Plan

I started this account on January 9, 2015. I was active for the first bit of time, but dropped off after I got overloaded with horses. Luckily with my new barn clear-out that should help with me being more active! 

I wasn't quite sure what I was doing when I was younger so most horses don't have very good stats!855f2acb12410ea8c7951e834f5ff498.png

My starting horses are Death Wishes, and Miscolored(Who I think originally had the word Insanity in his name). I currently still have their first foal, and the first foal I bred on this account Deadly Snow!
My current game plan is all over the place. However here's what I've pieced together thus far.
I will be focusing on Thoroughbreds, Marwaris, Arabians, Quarters, Nokotas, and Fjords. I may have a few from random breeds here, and there.

I aim to get good GP, Blup, and Excellence Stars. I also hope to add some rare coats into the mix.
Sales, & Coverings

Auctions always start at 500 Equus.

Direct Sales are usually only used for Donkeys, Special Drafts, and any horse with special items. I try to keep anyone who is bought with passes cheap.

I usually sell any horse under 300 Excellence Stars.
If there's a stallion that catches your eye feel free to PM me for a covering! I usually set most coverings at 500-1,500 Equus, but they may go higher if I consider the stallion good.