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2 dogs / 2 cat / 1 rabbit
Jazzmine,border collie x german shepherd,three years,brown&white,owned for three years ~ Keanu,border collie x australian kelpie,year in a half,brown&white,owned for year and a half ~ Dylylah,too mixed,almost two years,grey&orange&white,owned for almost two years ~ Rocky,English spot mix,??,brown&white,owned for almost two years??

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[Red][Skillet][Evanescence][ZaydeWolf][Ed Sheeran][Fall Out Boy][Arshad][Halsey][Linkin Park r.i.p][Imagine Dragons][Thousand Foot Krutch][Hidden Citizens][Sleeping At Last][Bryan Adams][Starset][Barns Courtney][Hans Zimmerman][Three Days Grace]

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