My Game

I apologize for not being as active here recently, I have had some family issues arise as well as college final season approaching.

I accept all friend requests, but I'm not a big talker unless its over game stuff. I try to congratulate my friends daily if I'm not too busy.

I do help with events and trophies when I can. 

 copper1123lol made my avatar, it is San from Ateez and I am absolutely in love!

*Also I made this layout at howrseinfo.com. I first saw a layout like this on KMK's page. The image is from wallpapercave.com by caveman (I just wanna give credit for the beautiful art of Velaris and the template I used)

Looking For...

I have an unused monster egg I'm wanting to sell. P.m me if you're interested with your price (I'm looking for passes) and selection. 

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