About Me
Howdy everyone! My name is Erika and as you can tell, this is my game. I have been on howrse before, so I'm not new. I was previously Rose2012, Cherry Cheesecake, Cold December, Timeless Love, and Montana Roses, so if anyone was friends with me on those accounts, feel free to send me a request and message! I'm a single and straight twenty-four year old girl who lives somewhere in the United States, but is planning on going to visit Japan. I have brownish-blonde hair and blue eyes, my left eye is pretty much a cat's eye. I love to read, write stories, ride horses for fun, listen to music, cook, roleplay, hang out with friends, and spend time with family. I do have kik, facebook, wattpad, Instagram, and twitter, but I don't tell anyone my accounts on those sites unless I absolutely and completely trust them.

The Helping Hands Club
My friend, Farmer'sDaughter and I made a club called The Helping Hands Club. It's to help new players and players who have had their accounts hacked. Please check out Farmer'sDaughter's forum for more information about it. 

About My Game and Equestrian Center 
As you can obviously tell, I breed many different horses. My Equestrian Center is very cool, so you should check it out. I'm currently growing apples, oats, carrots, hay, as well as breeding longhorns. 

Buying and Training Horses
I buy all horses for 500 to 20,000e. I also train horses, so if you ever need help training one of your game's horses, then just reserve the horse to me for 500e and I'll train the horse for you. 
Selling Horses and Black Market Items
All horses in my For Sale tab are always up for sale, so if you want one of the horses in the for sale tab, then feel free to take a look and even message me with a price. If I sell my horses, they will be up for the prices listed below. Do not tell me how to price my horses. It will result in an automatic block or report. My black market items are never for sale, so don't even ask about my black market items. 

Here's the Price for my Horse Sales: 
      Purebred Horses= 10,000 and 20,000
      Purebred Foals= 5,000 and 10,000
      Mixed Breed Horses= 1,000 
      Mixed Breed Foals= 500 and 1,000 
      GA/DA/Uni/RC/Pegasus= Not For Sale, but if I do decide to sell them they will be for however many passes I put them up for ONLY! 
      Divines/Specials/Wanderers= Not For Sale At All! 

Messaging and Friend Requests
I am an adult player and I do accept random friend requests, but it's also fine if you want to get to know me before accepting the friend request first. 

Current Mood: sad and depressed 
Current Song: none as of currently