Not very active here any longer. I do still stop by to check messages.

I mostly go by feathers. I'm an adult player and I have been around here for quite some time through various accounts. I do not accept random friend requests, and am a horrid conversationalist, but feel free to send me a message if you can get past that and would like to chat!

Music: Many types of rock, folk, indie, alternative, limited country. Favourites include Queen, David Bowie, Blackberry Smoke, LP, Zakk Wylde, Volbeat, Tyler Childers, Greta Van Fleet, and Hozier, among others.
Interests: music, soapmaking, rock collecting, horses, botany, reading, witchcraft, anything paranormal
Colours: Burgundy, purples, turquoise, and greys
Animals: All of them. I had horses through my entire childhood (and miss them dearly), have two cats (Peaches and Lincoln) and a dog (Jersey, my service dog) of my own, and have been around everything from rabbits to cattle.
Television: LOVE Disney movies (Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, and Maleficent), documentaries about geniuses and serial killers, and psychological thrillers. As far as television shows, I have a wide array of favorites.
Books: Just about everything, though mostly fantasy (gothic and paranormal especially).
Curious facts: avid reader . eclectic witch . lgbt+ . failing at adulthood . huge fan of tattoos . partially blind . medically diagnosed vampire
I've never been involved enough in the GP race to actually be competitive on that aspect, so I usually keep my attention focused on collections, and occasionally play with unicorn breeding. I am working on building my coat collections, specifically my retired coats, and am always looking for more. I have one Diamond Apple mare, and would love to expand that collection but it will probably never happen. I am not very likely to sell any of my collected herd, feel free to make an offer but don't be offended if I say no because it would take a lot on most of them. 
I am also active on Discord and prefer to write there, so if you'd like to connect there let me know.
Most of my time on this site is devoted to writing, typically in the form of private roleplays, though as of late my activity has been a bit sporadic due to life getting in the way. I consider myself highly literate, and rather inventive where writing is concerned, though of course writing quality varies because my brain hates me. Feel free to message me if you are interested in a play with me. I have a few things I'm super interested in trying out, and I'm pretty open about designing a plot, but the things I won't do are: main characters under 18, average high school, generic life plots, generic animal plots, or anime. I also refuse to romanticise abuse, foster care, or mental illness. Using it as a way to connect characters or form a plot is one thing, but it's not cute, and people shouldn't try to make it that way. Finally, I essentially never write straight characters, so if that's all you do, I'm probably not the person to write with.