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Quarter Pounders is recruiting!

We are a casually competitive team. We are looking for more active members!

PM goldenasb for an application.


 Other Stuff

AP Farmer Needed!
Must provide trustworthy references!
PM For Info.


About goldenasb

I began playing way back in the beginning days and stopped and started several times for several reasons. I'm back now and I'm pretty sure I'm here to stay!
I am an adult player and have a day job. If I am on, I am typically working with my team in one way or another. I am a Gemini and it shows. I am pretty laid back, but I can also be incredibly blunt. If bluntness offends you, please move on or find your spine.
Typically I don't accept random friend requests, but if we've chatted or you've purchased one of my horses, I would be happy to add you.
I do participate in the promotions/events and return the favor when possible.
I do buy and sell quite a few horses and I do not go through and change all of their names. Rarely ever would I send a horse to the SH because, well, why? They're worth more than the SH offers in most cases.
While GV's are my Howrse passion, American Saddlebreds are my real life horse passion. I grew up showing the A Circuit and had to stop because sometimes being an adult doesn't always afford you the luxury of always doing what you want. I am back to riding now and loving every minute of it!

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