Previous username: Cherryfly79

I accept all friend requests, and try to congratulate everyone back :)

Charity | 30 | United States | INFP

Interests: photography, genealogy research, reading, hiking, petting my cat                  ~Proverbs 3:5,6~

 I mostly login to take care of my horses and alternate which breeding farms I focus on, don’t have time to do much else, just having fun. 

I was a member of this game way back in 2008 to 2013 when I forgot to check my profile for an extended time and my profile was deleted and I lost a LOT of unique horses including some Diamond Apples. It still makes me sad to think about it, ha.
But I am back and will try to work my way up again from scratch, nothing wrong with starting over. 0bcb59b20b3d6ca052d914412ddf00ab.png 

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