I finally watched the Hamilton recording on Disney+ and yes..... it is very good & everything about it is very impressive

the music, choreography, and effects impressed me so much and i don't even like rap. i want to try to get my mom to watch it with me. she doesn't really like musicals but idc

i need someone to appreciate it with me b/c im very late to the party like always and people don't care about it anymore

at the very least i can get my sisters to watch it with me :)))

i still don't know why it had such a huge fandom for a while b/c that was super weird and i never knew that people would write ship fanfic of george washington AU in college but here we are

I accept random friend requests. Literally the only function they have is to give gifts and help each other on promotions. So everyone can be happy. You'll even be alphabetized.

I don't really reply to PMs anymore though, sorry.