My name is Nissy and I'm a young adult from middle Europe (magyar vagyok :) ). I played this game a few years ago and after a hiatus I registered again.
Feel free to send me friend requests! C:

About my game:
-I breed high genetic marwari and KWPN unicorns.
-I'm a Golden apple and Retried coat collector.
- None of my GA's and RC's are for sale except I have double of them.

-Once I buy your horse, I have the rights to do whatever I'd like with it.

- I often buy and resell cheap horses to make profit. If you or your team member make a mistake and put a horse on the sales you don't want to sell, thats not my fault. If you place a horse in sales and I buy it it's mine.
o not PM me about it please I will ignore it sorry.

You cannot buy back a horse that you sold for 10 days after the sale.

-If a horse is not for sale please don't ask for it.

-If I have a horse listed for sale, please don't ask me to sell it for less than it's worth.

Sorry for my english it's not my native language.