Will not be active until mid- September.

Heather Ashleigh

23 years old

Mom of 2

Leo Sun / Capricorn Moon / Capricorn Rising

she/they, LG((B))T

College dropout / family disappointment

Bipolar, BPD, DID, PTSD, GAD, OCD - if I take a while to get back to you it's probably because I'm doing bad mental health wise. I cannot control it, so please don't feel bad or try to offer advice.

I live & deal with chronic pain daily (mentally and physically)

My brother Max passed away 11 years ago. I miss him everyday. I live my life determined to make him proud. <3 I have an affix dedicated to him on this account.

I have 24 tattoos and 16 piercings. Kinda obsessed

I own horses, cows, goats, dogs, cats, + Betta fish in real life

Major horse racing fan

Accept all random friend requests + messages bc most of my other friends have left the game at this point

Happy pride month :)

my avatar is a random one i grabbed from pinterest :) dm me if you have a problem with that